Power Puff Piks

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Tame those tresses with these uniquely designed hair piks!!! Each one is handcrafted differently whether it's a different color, shape or dried flowers. Extra large and so cute!!! They work too which is the #1 must have. When ordering, please keep into consideration the time it takes to make them. Choose your design today!!!

Our Zodiac Collection features all 12 zodiac signs embedded into a power puff Pik of a different color. Each color has their own meaning pertaining to the sign. See below:

Aries: Red - Demands for attention & enhanced passion

Taurus: Green - Growth & nature connection

Gemini: Yellow - Lifts spirits & triggers curiosity

Cancer: White/Silver - Connects w/intuition & gifts you with clear slate

Leo: Gold - Empowers warm heart & strengthens your positive spirit

Virgo: Brown - Keeps you grounded & focused on growth

Libra: Pink - Helps open your heart & soften your presence

Scorpio: Black - Keeps you intensely inquisitive & focused on transformation

Sagittarius: Purple - Pushes your mind towards enlightenment & openness

Capricorn: Grey - Helps you find the most strongest & practical path for your life

Aquarius: Blue - Encourages brilliant ideas & balances your restless energy

Pisces: Light Green - Healing and Renewal & connects you with subconscious